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photograph by Riikka Kytönen

Testing the fire barrel, Eurovision 2007

Besides working as the main choreographer and director in his earlier fire groups he has also worked as a fire choreographer in the Turku City Theaters main production for 2007 "Thors hammer" musical as well as many large scale events where a bigger group of fire artists have performed together. In 2011, 2012 and 2013 he directed and choreographed shows by his ensemble Fire Circus Walkea for the Lux Helsinki events in Finland.

Watch the video of Fire Circus Walkea - 360.

Antti Suniala has held numerous workshops in festivals worldwide giving top class teaching to performers and firespinners of all levels. He has also taught in circus schools in Finland and will visit ACAPA in Netherlands shortly for a week of lessons. Workshops or long term "coaching" can be given to individual artists and groups also.

Antti Suniala has designed fire equipment for such productions as the Eurovision 2007 and "Thors hammer" musical. The designed equipment included burning barrel drums, fire swords and -spears, firefans and burning loggs for juggling. Vision and years of experience in fire arts are crucial for functional, impressive and safe equipment when using live fire on stage.

Not to be mixed with pyrotechnics, Antti Sunialas knowledge in use of live fire on stage comes from years of experience as a fire performer. This kind of expertise is sometimes needed to guarantee the safety of the audience, performers and the crew. Antti Suniala worked with the pyrotechnicians and fire officials in Eurovision 2007 to make sure the show reached and exceeded the required criteria. 

"The use of live fire is absolutely dauntless
, of which we have [fire choreographer] Antti Suniala to thank."

- Turun Sanomat 25.2.2007, review on the Thors Hammer musical