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photograph by Meder - Railey Beach, Thailand.


"Without a doubt Antti Suniala's fire performance with accordionist Anne-Mari Kanniainen is the finest act in Sirkus Finlandia's 2009 show. Cleverly this act approaches modern circus as musical dramaturgy is an essential part of the number."

- Jussi Tossavainen, Helsingin Sanomat 5.10.2009

"The use of live fire is absolutely dauntless
, of which we have [fire choreographer] Antti Suniala to thank."

- Turun Sanomat 25.2.2007, review on the Thors Hammer musical

"The [Turku Cultural Capital 2011] event
was put together dashingly and was started by the fire artist Antti Suniala. [...] Fire artist Antti Suniala gave Turkus application for the cultural capital a blazing start."

- Turun Sanomat 3.3.2006

"Antti Sunialas solo number with the contact staff is an evidence of the fact that an artist can use sorrow as a powerful source for the creative work. Pictures reflected on a cloth and a rocking chair that echoes a heavy and arduous breath are connected to the therapeutic scene that opens the loss of a loved one to the audience. The atmosphere and Antti Sunialas precise manipulation of the staff makes a strong contrast which has a part of the audience weeping."

- Turun Sanomat 13.5.2006 (Viiden Tolppa, Antti Sunialas final artistic presentation in Turku Arts Academy, Circus department)

"Antti Sunialas fire staff juggling is fascinating.."

- Turun Sanomat 2.12.2005 (Mutka Matkassa, Christmas Circus, Turku City Theatre)