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photograph by Lobinhoot - Bornfire 2007, Singapore


"Ever since I started doing fire performances in different groups of artists I've always been working on my solo career. Groups change and goals differ but my personal ambition for perfection remains.  I have a background in music and I have been inspired by juggling, dance, music, theatre and both traditional and contemporary circus. I aim to the top circus stages with a personal style of performances and staff manipulation.

I believe in quality over quantity and making fire performing more than meets the eye. I work on highly technical circus routines as well as performances for a wide range of events always giving my all to satisfy the audience. I have performed in all kinds of venues ranging from a circus manege, corporate events to circus galas and live television. I have awards from both national and international competitions and have gained worldwide recognition from performances and workshops I've given.

firestaff juggling and contactstaff manipulation are my main disciplines. Latest addition is feicha, a form of staff manipulation from Chinese circus, which I studied in the Beijing International Art School. For street shows and similar performances I got more tricks up the sleeve.

I AM AVAILABLE FOR PERFORMANCES WORLDWIDE. Check out my future plans for information on my whereabouts. I might already be where you need me the most."




"Without a doubt Antti Suniala's fire performance with accordionist Anne-Mari Kanniainen is the finest act in Sirkus Finlandia's 2009 show. Cleverly this act approaches modern circus as musical dramaturgy is an essential part of the number."

- Jussi Tossavainen, Helsingin Sanomat 5.10.2009

"The [Turku Cultural Capital 2011] event
was put together dashingly and was started by the fire artist Antti Suniala. [...] Fire artist Antti Suniala gave Turkus application for the cultural capital a blazing start."

- Turun Sanomat 3.3.2006

"Antti Sunialas solo number with the contact staff is an evidence of the fact that an artist can use sorrow as a powerful source for the creative work. Pictures reflected on a cloth and a rocking chair that echoes a heavy and arduous breath are connected to the therapeutic scene that opens the loss of a loved one to the audience. The atmosphere and Antti Sunialas precise manipulation of the staff makes a strong contrast which has a part of the audience weeping."

- Turun Sanomat 13.5.2006 (Viiden Tolppa, Antti Sunialas final artistic presentation in Turku Arts Academy, Circus department)

"Antti Sunialas fire staff juggling is fascinating.."

- Turun Sanomat 2.12.2005 (Mutka Matkassa, Christmas Circus, Turku City Theatre)