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Embracing Flames is a collaboration of director Antti Suniala and dance choreographer Cristiana Casadio. The performance brings fire arts closer to the world of contemporary dance and circus by including four professional dancers and only one performer with previous experience as a fire artist. This enabled the group to look at fire performing from a fresh angle and the result was an emotional combination of the beauty of dance and fire. The show explores relationship to fire, ourselves and others with a sparkle in the eyes and burning passion in the hearts of the performers.

The show was performed for 28,000 people at the Lux Helsinki 2015 festival in the middle of winter in January.


360 is a study of the visual nature and beauty of fire, exploring the strong feelings that fire arouses in all of us. The performance combines the worlds of dance and fire circus. The performers carry out masterful moves with burning staffs, ropes, firefans, hoops and pyrotechnics.

360 was built for a round stage so that the show could be viewed equally from all directions. The show was performed for over 10,000 people at the Lux Helsinki Festival in 2014. 360 has also been performed on a regular stage at the Festa del Fuoco festival in Italy and the Ozora festival in Hungary

Performers: Aušra Degutyte, Aiste Krasauskaite, Ugne Motekunaite and Jovita Aukštakalnyte from the Lithuanian Studio Fire Circle.