The Amazing Rubber Heart Duo (2003-2006) was the name in the world of fireperforming. They perfected their style and took it to the next level, where no man had gone before. They set a standard for circuslevel staff juggling with such tricks as the Tapio, the Matias, the Veikko, the Double Veikko and the halfshower with a double pirouette and a behind the back catch. Eyes closed.

The Amazing Rubber Heart Duo was a collaboration of finnish fireperformers Antti Suniala and Tommi Suomela. They had performed as The Amazing RHD as well as in other collaborations in public and private events of all kind. Stunning skills, humour and good looks were but a few of their trademarks. 100% entertainment. 200% satisfaction. 300%... well you get the idea.

The last performance of The Amazing Rubber Heart Duo was on new years eve in 2006.

Antti Suniala continues as a solo performer. Check out his personal site www.anttisuniala.com for info on future performances and new videos!

Storås Festival promotion event 2005, Storås, Norway